Saturday, January 12, 2008

Twellman Vents About Preston Approach

Taylor Twellman ... says the Revs and/or MLS have rejected a $2.5 million offer from England's Preston North End, an increase of about $1 million since their initial approach.

Twellman, to say the least, is not happy.

"I want to go. It's perfect timing. It's the right club and, being 27, it's the right time to go to Europe."

Who rejected the offer?

"When I ask MLS, they say the Revs rejected it. When I ask the Revs, they said it was MLS. Look, you're not going to get more than that for a guy like me, who is not always with the national team. It's a good offer. Anytime a team wants you that bad, of course you want to go."


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