Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chivas USA Rebranding?

According to a source wishing to remain anonymous, Chivas USA is in the initial phase of considering rebranding the club. According to our source, Chivas USA are concerned about the lack of interest from the original target market, and are considering re-branding the team to something more inclusive. They are taking the initial steps to gauge what are the general sentiments of Chivas USA fans and Angelinos in general regarding such move. More to come in the following weeks.


TJ said...

I don't necessarily think the club needs a rebranding... the initial marketing efforts were way off the mark, but all the FO really needs to do is go out and sign a high-profile Mexican player and the HDC will sell out every game. Just look at the crowd that turned out to see Temoc when the Fire came to town. The atmosphere at that game was unbelievable and should be what the club is looking to create in the future.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSS ,,,,please as soon as possible....rebrand and they will come....Lots of people here dont like the Galaxy but hate THE CHIVAS concept even more.